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8 Best Beginner Surf Spots In San Diego

San Diego is a perfect escape from the busy lifestyle of beautiful beaches. If you are a sea or beach lover, you will love the beauty here. Also, for those who want to learn to surf, There are a number of beginner surf spots in San Diego.

Surfing - Beginner Surf Spots In San Diego

As “America’s Best City,” San Diego is known for its beautiful weather, miles of white sand beaches, and popular tourist waves. The city is considered the birthplace of California and is the eighth-largest city in the United States. Known for its pleasant climate, San Diego has various popular attractions.

Parks, gardens, museums, cultural attractions, and beaches attract tourists from all over the world.
San Diego has many beaches to choose from, making it a great surf spot for beginners. Among them, we searched for beginner Surf Spots in San Diego.

Top Beginner Surf Spots In San Diego

La Jolla shores beach

La Jolla shores beach is a beautiful beach sheltered from the wind located in La Jolla Bay. Many tourists are drawn to this beach because of the nice weather and suitable environment for many water sports. Among these, gentle winds and good waves make the beach beginner surf spots in san Diego.

Due to these reasons, there are so many schools that teach surfing as well as places that rent surfboards. And many mature surfers can also be seen surfing here.
So if you’re a beginner surfer too, head to La Jolla shores beach. the waves are waiting for you.

Tourmaline beach

Tourmaline beach is one of the favorite beginner surf spots in San Diego among surfers, due to its good weather throughout the year. The waves on the beach can reach a height of 4-5 feet someday but in most cases, the waves roll very calmly. That’s why it’s perfect for beginner surfers.

The gentle, slow-moving nature of this surf makes it a great spot for beginners to learn basic surf lessons and learn how to get on the board. Mature players with small boards are not found in this beach area because there are no fast high waves perfect for small board surfing. come and learn to surf on this beach full of beginner surfers who have picked up a longboard. There are many schools nearby to teach you surf lessons.

Pacific Beach

Pacific Beach is a very popular beach among young, adults and college students and has no shortage of late-night parties. Located between La Jolla and Mission Beach, this small beach is a haven for lovers of surfing and beach nightlife. The mild and gentle waves make this beach another great beginner surf spot in San Diego.

You won’t be able to see a stampede among tourists Due to the long beach screen. so it’s perfect for surfing with your arms and legs stretched out. It is also very easy to find something on this beach to do after surfing. Pacific Beach can also be called a place full of happening.

Mission Beach

Mission Beach is the epicenter of water sports in San Diego. Having a large long beach screen, Mission beach is popular for many water sports like kayaking, jet skiing, sailing, swimming, paddle boarding, etc. Among these, one more reason for the popularity of this beach is, that is the best beginner surf spot in San Diego among surf lovers. There are plenty of surf schools and equipment rental places that will give you good guidance so you can start surfing without any hesitation.

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Oceanside Pier

Oceanside Pier is one of San Diego’s surfing hotspots where you can catch big waves from the north and south at any time of the year. Due to this, the beach is always under the attention of tourists throughout the year. However, if you want to learn to surf, you can learn the sport here.

This beach is good as one of the beginner surf spots in San Diego for beginners but perfect for intermediate surfers. However, because of the sandy seabed here, you can practice surfing by rising and falling without hesitation.

Moonlight Beach

Want to know about a hidden surf gem in San Diego? Then you must go to Moonlight Beach. This beautiful beach has everything you need to enjoy a perfect surf day in North County San Diego. This beach is a family-friendly beach where you can go with your whole family. The slope of the beach is gradual which makes surfing more fun and safe. A great beginner surf spot in San Diego to learn how to surf, even with children.

Del Mar

Del Mar is the perfect place for a beginner surfer who wants to surf all year round or wants to learn. Due to the different sizes of waves here, you can focus on other fun water sports in addition to surfing throughout the year. Surfing equipment rentals and surf schools around the beaches will make things easier for you as a beginner surfer in Del Mar.


Encinitas is another one of the great beginner surf spots in San Diego about 30 minutes north of San Diego city that offers many amenities for surfers and tourists. Many of the restaurants and hotels here are designed to accommodate surfers. As a beginner, you can easily set foot surfing here without fear due to high-quality surfing schools and equipment rental agencies.

How To Choose a Beginner surf spot

Learn How To Surf In San Diego for Beginners



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