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Best Snorkeling Beaches In Hvar 2023

Croatia is home to the most beautiful and unique beach destinations in Europe, and the island of Hvar is a standout. So,  the people who come here are looking for varied activities and many people are inclining snorkeling. So in this post, we will look at the best snorkeling beaches in Hvar.

Top snorkeling beaches in Hvar

As the best spots in Hvar for snorkeling, Taršče Bay, Milna, Beach Eva, Stiniva and the Blue Cave, and Žukova Bay can be recommended.

Taršče Bay

Taršće Bay is one of the best anchorages in Hvar and one of the best snorkeling beaches in Hvar. The bay is perfect for snorkeling with its crystal clear water, small fish population, and attractive sea bottom. The calm and peaceful sea without large crowds provides a safe atmosphere to the tourists who go there. These reasons make the bay a popular spot for water activities in Hvar.

There are many high-quality restaurants around the bay where you can get the food and drinks you need. Not only that but also there are many agencies around the bay that rent equipment for a snorkel. charges for Equipment can pay per hour of use and they have the equipment to suit everyone, small to large people.

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Eva beach

Eva Beach is another one of the best snorkeling beaches on Hvar Island in Croatia. The beaches of the island are located between Ivan Dolac and Zavala and the beach has a very interesting shape. Keep in mind that the beach is not easily accessible, and you have to have a 10-minute walk. The beach is quite private and it’s making it an ideal spot for travelers seeking peace and quiet.

The bottom of the beach is full of small stones and the sea water is crystal turquoise and warm and shallow. Due to these reasons, the beaches are perfect for a snorkel. There are no additional facilities on the beach, so remember to take everything you need with you. Besides snorkel, the beaches are also great for swimming and watching the sunset in the evening


Milna in Croatia is a beautiful village located at a distance of 6 km from the city of Hvar. There are 4 beautiful beaches near the area and all these beach screens are very beautiful. The sandy beaches with very clear water provide facilities to tourists in both summer and winter seasons alike. All these beaches are best for snorkeling and equipment rental is also available. Apart from this, boat rentals, scuba diving, and donkey riding are special activities in Milna. There are also several restaurants around the beach.

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Žukova Bay

Another very popular beach to snorkel is Žukova beach. It is located on the northern side of Hvar. The water is crystal clear and a perfect spot for snorkeling. The bay here is beautiful but unfortunately very crowded. And there are a lot of boats parked around here, so the best view is ruining. There are rock towers near the beach where you can jump into the water from there. However, it is worth checking for urchins at the bottom of the water.

Beach Jagodna

Jagodna Beach is located in the southern part of the island of Hvar, about 5 km from beach Eva. Its beauty is one of the natural attractions that attract tourist attention. A perfect destination for walking, swimming, and snorkeling. the beaches are perfect for anyone who wants to spend the night camping on the beach.

What to expect when snorkeling in Hvar

There are many things to expect when snorkeling. It is not surprising that those reasons motivate tourists to go best snorkeling beaches around the island but you should know some facts before going to avoid trouble. Let’s find out what are they

Crystal clear clean water

The waters around Croatian beaches are considered to be the cleanest and clearest in all of Europe. According to a 2019 survey, 95.6% of Croatia’s beaches meet the highest water quality standards in the European Union, and Hvar is among the best in Europe for the cleanest seawater.

In addition to the purity of the water, Adriatic water also has excellent underwater visibility. Visibility on most beaches ranges from 30 to 50 feet and in some places it exceeds 100 feet. Because of this, the water of most beaches provides a very good standard for snorkel

Rich marine life

You can still see a huge population of marine life in the Adriatic sea, which is unable to see when snorkeling in other places of the world. While snorkeling you will be lucky to observe many sea creatures including dolphins, starfish, octopi, fan mussels, squids, cuttlefish, crabs, shellfish, jellyfish, sponges, and sea cucumbers.

Also, you can see fish like sea bass, sea bream, scorpionfish, moray eels, and sardines while snorkeling.

Many of these species of fish are protected by law and therefore you will have to obtain a license and obey all regulations to collect oysters for a meal or to fish while snorkeling. More information from the Croatian Ministry of Agriculture is available here

Ancient ruins, shipwrecks, and underwater caves

Apart from the rich marine life, there are many other attractions that can be experienced while snorkeling in Hvar. These include ancient ruins, underwater caves, and shipwrecks.

Croatia has been part of the Greek, Roman, and Austro-Hungarian empires for the last several thousand years. So many things belonging to these eras are still left in ruins on land and sea. You will be able to observe these ruins, archeological sites, and ancient artifacts at various snorkel spots spread across Hvar. Apart from the ancient ruins, more recent shipwrecks can also be seen. Some shallow wrecks are accessible to snorkelers.

Safe, worry-free snorkel

Snorkeling is a relatively safe activity around the world and especially in Hvar, Croatia. The Adriatic sea is home to several dangerous fish species, but animal attacks at sea are rare. Although sharks are occasionally seen on beaches, they are not harmful to humans.

Although jellyfish are common in shallow areas, the most common species do not sting. And the Adriatic Sea is generally not very tidal, and large waves are rare. Because of this, many best snorkeling beaches in Hvar are safe

Rocky beaches

Sandy beaches are quite rare on Hvar but most of the beaches are rocky and this makes for incredible underwater visibility.

We recommend wearing water shoes or snorkeling shoes when snorkeling in Hvar because there are also many sea urchins on the rocks on the beach.

Snorkel on your own or with a guide

There are plenty of opportunities to snorkel on your own in Hvar. There are so many Protected swimming areas t along the entire coastline. It’s nice that you can take your mask and snorkel out to sea and snorkel without a guide’s help.

Hvar has many places that rent snorkel gear so you can snorkel without a guide.

Windy conditions

Croatia is known for its strong winds. These blow mostly in the winter, while in the summer the winds blow mostly in the afternoon and rarely produce large waves. This is why it is best to go to the beach early in the morning or before sunset to avoid being blown away by the wind while snorkeling. You should always check the wind forecast especially before you go to snorkel or paddling in Croatia without a guide, otherwise, the winds along the coast can change very quickly making it to you challenging to get back to shore.

Best time to go snorkeling in Hvar

Snorkeling in Hvar is possible all year round, but the best time for sea activities is from June to early October.

July and August are the best times to visit if snorkel, relaxing on the beach, and enjoying the sea are your main priorities. The weather on the coast is almost guaranteed to be warm and sunny, and the sea is usually between 73 and 76 degrees Fahrenheit. Keep in mind that the beaches are very crowded during this time so it is quite difficult to find the best snorkeling spots.

One of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Southeast Europe, Croatia offers beautiful beaches and activities that make it popular among everyone, and we believe that the best snorkeling beaches in Hvar in this post will make your travel experience more rewarding. So if you have already had this experience or are planning to have it, don’t forget to tell us your opinion about it.


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