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Best Sunrise Hikes In Los Angeles

Did you know that Los Angeles is a terrific place to see a beautiful sunrise? The city is well-recognized for its beautiful weather and exquisite sunrise. You’re in luck if you enjoy trekking and getting up early!

Many of the paths provide some of the best sunrise hikes in Los Angeles you’ve ever experienced. Getting the day started with a sunrise trek may be a magical experience that sets the tone for the rest of the day.  Therefore, if you’re searching for a distinctive way to explore Los Angeles, put on your hiking boots and set out on one of the city’s top sunrise hikes!

8 Sunrise Hikes In Los Angeles

Griffith Observatory

One of the best sunrise hikes in Los Angeles is the Griffith Observatory hike. This trek will reward you with a mind-blowing view of the city and the surrounding hills as well as a good workout for the body. If you can get up at dawn for this hike,  you’ll see the most amazing sunrise in Los Angeles.

The hike is 2.5 miles long and takes around an hour to finish. You will see the path which is going to the top of Griffith Observatory from the vehicle parking You can reach the top of the mountain on this footpath that leads to the summit.

As you make your way up the hill, you’ll see breathtaking views of  LA City, the Hollywood sign, and the Pacific Ocean.

the best time to start the hike is 5:00 AM and when you start at this time you can reach the top before sunrise. You can watch the color of the sky slowly change as you go up the mountain along this trail. Also, after reaching the top, you will see the lights of the city disappear one by one with the sunrise. This journey is truly a spiritual experience that is difficult to describe in words

The top is a super place to enjoy the beauty of nature in peace and quiet with breathtaking views of the city and the mountains.

Mount Wilson

Mount Wilson is also another one of the best sunrise hikes in Los Angeles to experience an amazing sunrise that you can’t see anywhere else. Mount Wilson in the San Gabriel Mountain range.

You will have a fantastic experience traveling up the mountain on the twisting road.

The San Bernardino Mountains and the Pacific Ocean may be viewed in the distance from the hill’s summit, where there is a panoramic view of the mountains. Slowly, from dark purple to blue, the sky will turn as the morning light begins to rise. It then changes color to warm orange and then pink. This view is a wonderful phenomenon of nature that immerses the tourists here in a magical experience.

The observatory built in the early 1900s on top of Mount Wilson has given the mountain special prominence and was used for early astronomical research.

When the sun slowly rises, the light falls on the city and can be seen the buildings are shining well from here. That moment is very peaceful and calm.

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Runyon Canyon Hike

Runyon Canyon is popular among hikers as the best spot to watch the sunrise near L.A. The sunrise from here will add an unforgettable experience to your life. It is a truly magical thing that happens on top of the mountain.

It takes about an hour or two to go to the top passing 3 miles. The best time to hike Runyon Canyon is 5 am in the morning. you have the opportunity to clearly see the revelation of the city below with the light that slowly emerges as you go up the mountain.

The sky takes on a beautiful blend of oranges and pink colors when the sun begins to rise. Not only that view but here you can have a chance to enjoy the sunrise in peace with an endless view of the Pacific Ocean.

Mount Baldy

Mount Baldy is one of the best sunrise hikes in Los Angeles with breathtaking and unforgettable views and peaceful surroundings.

The morning air will fill your lungs as you reach the top of the mountain trail and walking on the trail will fill your heart with a sense of calm meditation. The spiritual healing of this journey will come to you by seeing the first rays of the sun peeking over the horizon as the sky slowly begins to lighten over time.

By now an explosion of orange and pink colors is shaping the sky and casting a warm glow on everything in sight. The mountain’s peak will be in full view as the sunshine catches it, and you’ll also be treated to expansive vistas of the other mountains and valleys. It’s impossible to adequately express its beauty in words; you must see it for yourself.

Mount Lukens

Among the highest mountains in the Los Angeles region, Mount Lukens can be called a mountain that claims a height of 5,075 feet above sea level. Locals and tourists alike love climbing Mount Lukens, but a morning climb to the summit is an especially wonderful experience because it is also a best spot to watch the sunrise near L.A.

Climbing should start as early as possible, ideally around 4 or 5. The sky turns orange, pink, and red as the light begins to gradually appear over the mountains.

You can expect breathtaking scenic views of the neighboring mountains and valleys while climbing Mount Lukens. On the top of the mountain, It will be a reward for you to see a sharp view of the Pacific Ocean in the west and the Mojave Desert in the east on a day when the sky is clear.

From the trailhead in La Crescenta’s Deukmejian Wilderness Park, you can start your ascent to Mount Lukens. Approximately 7.5 kilometers round trip on the fire route will bring you to the peak. While the terrain might be challenging in some places, it is imperative to have adequate water, snacks, and the right hiking gear. Mount Lukens is the ideal place to watch the best sunrise in Los Angeles for any hiker looking for a unique and stunning experience.

Sandstone Peak

Sandstone Peak is one of Southern California’s most popular hiking destinations and one of the best sunrise hikes in Los Angeles. On the summit, hikers can enjoy amazing views of the rising sun, making for an unforgettable experience. In this adventure, You should make sure to start trekking early in the morning to catch the sunrise atop Sandstone Peak.

You should set out on your hike to the summit about an hour before sunrise for the best experience. Getting an early start is essential if you want to make it to the peak in time for the sunrise because the trek is a little challenging. At the conclusion of the journey, a magnificent sunrise the beginning of a brand new day will be seen.

You may anticipate beautiful natural landscapes, including rock formations, gorges, and a diversity of flora and wildlife, as you ascend the sandstone mountain. The hike can be finished in up to 4 hours and is roughly 6.25 miles round trip. You’ll encounter difficult terrain, slopes, and ridges along the trip, so bring enough water and sturdy hiking boots.

You’ll need to take a car to the Circle X Ranch trailhead in the Santa Monica Mountains in order to reach Sandstone Peak. The Mishe Mokwa Path where you begin your walk will lead you to the summit. On the way before reaching the peak, you will be able to see past a number of prominent sights, such as Split Rock and Balanced Rock

Escondido Falls

A spectacular trip that takes you through some of California’s most beautiful scenery is the morning climb to Escondido Falls. Escondido Falls is the best spot to watch the sunrise near L.A. in the early morning when the sky is starting to turn orange and pink, as the name implies.

You may anticipate being surrounded by rich vegetation and soaring mountains that provide expansive views of the ocean as you travel along this picturesque route. Although the walk is somewhat difficult, it is well worth the effort to see the morning sunrise from the peak.

On the way, you will pass by several waterfalls, including the breathtaking Escondido Falls, which is 150 feet tall and you can unwind, take a plunge in the cool pools of water, and see the beauty of the natural surroundings.

When you are coming to hike Escondido Falls, you have to turn into Winding Way off the Pacific Coast Highway. The trailhead is marked by a marker; proceed on the road after you get there. Arriving early is advised because there is limited parking.

Escondido Falls’ morning trek is a unique experience that blends breathtaking natural beauty with a modest level of physical difficulty. My personal opinion is that everyone traveling to California who wants to enjoy the wonder of nature should give it a try.

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Temescal Canyon Hike

If you are a nature lover and enjoy hiking, then the sunrise hike to Temescal Canyon is a perfect activity. The Canyon in the Santa Monica Mountains offers breathtaking panoramas of both Los Angeles and the Pacific Ocean. You will feel energized and renewed for the rest of the day after hiking this trail for sunrise.

The best time to start hiking to watch the sunrise is around 5:30 AM to catch the first rays of the sun. Hiking around this time helps you to avoid the heat and people that typically arrive later in the day because the trail is open from sunrise to sunset.

When hiking, you can expect a moderate level of difficulty with some steep climbs, but the stunning views make it all worth it. The well-maintained track offers a diversity of scenery, including open slopes and shady places.

Wildflowers, birds, and other wildlife will be visible during the stroll, along with a variety of flora.

Take Temescal Canyon Road off the Pacific Coast Highway and then follow the park’s directions to get to Canyon. Parking is no problem, but getting there early can help you get a spot.

The sunrise hike to Temescal Canyon is a wonderful way to begin your day and take in the splendor of the natural world. It is the ideal location for walkers of all abilities because of the breathtaking vistas and well-kept trails. Don’t forget to bring your camera so you can document the magnificent sunrise and the surrounding scenery.

A certain level of fitness may be necessary for some of these best sunrise hikes in Los Angeles because they can be challenging. Before leaving, it’s also a good idea to verify the state of the trails because bad weather or other circumstances can force them to be closed.


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