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Ojai Hot Springs – All Important Things To Know Before Go

Ojai hot springs in California known as Ecotopia hot springs or Matilija hot springs were discovered by Native Americans thousands of years ago and are believed to have been used for warming and healing.

 Once upon a time, this was a hidden gem known only to locals, but nowadays it can no longer remain hidden as it has become popular through social media networks. Today, there is hardly anyone in California who does not know this place. After becoming so famous, the Ecotopia hot springs and the surrounding area were polluted by partying and littering by tourists, so the California government declared the grounds to be private property.

Entrance to Ecotopia Ojai Hot Springs in California

 Later, the landowners made this a private destination to protect the springs from tourists who came unbroken. Therefore, if you go here now, you have to pay a donation of 20 dollars and make a reservation for two hours to enjoy the Ojai hot springs. This fee includes parking facilities and a 300+ foot walkway to the spot.

Although the time you get to experience the hot spring is a maximum of 2 hours, it must be said that a nearby farm is a place where you can spend as much time as you want.

Best Time to Visit Ojai Hot Springs

Ecotopia hot springs in Ojai are open year-round every day from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. except Tuesday and can be accessed by tourists after making a reservation through their official website. If you go here without booking in advance, you will have to come back. The springs are closed on Tuesdays for cleaning and maintenance.

A girl in the Ecotopia Ojai Hot Springs in California

We recommend you visit this spot in the winter, fall, and spring because you don’t necessarily need heated pools in summer. After all, this area of California has a super warm climate in the summer season.

Location and Condition In Ecotopia Ojai Hot Springs

Ojai hot spring is located along the Matilija River in Los Padres National Park and the water is rich in sulfur, so the water and the surrounding area are full of sulfur aroma. Don’t think too much about it. Because the joy of going down into the hot spring pool makes you forget about external things.

How happy would it feel to stay in a pool like this in the winter cold? During winter, this is a popular destination as the surroundings are covered with snow, and relaxing in the steam pools while taking in the surrounding landscapes during winter is sure to be a wonderful experience you will never forget. Go a little during the winter and see if you can get that experience.

A woman in Ecotopia Ojai Hot Springs in California with a baby

Anyway, the equivalent temperature of the springs here is 100-106 degrees and there are five such pools here. Among these, the biggest pool is about 20 feet wide, so several guests can get into this pool at once and its temperature is about 106 degrees.

Another special thing here is the small waterfall falling into one of the pools. Also, there is a small stone bridge that can be transferred to the other pools. The temperature of the pool fed by this waterfall is about 103 degrees.

Also, the temperature of the last pool of these five pools is about 100 degrees, and it is the coolest among these pools.

Rules and Cloths Regulation To Enter The Ojai Hot Spring

Since this place is located on private property, we have to get this experience following the laws. It’s not that big of a deal. As they say, you can’t use loud sound devices, drugs, or alcohol that is disturbing to the other guests here.

When booking here, no more than 10 people are allowed. Therefore, You can be able to enjoy freedom here without any crowds. Also, there are rules about clothes. you can not enter the pool with your birth suit. should wear proper clothes

Safety Instruction before jumping into the Pool

Family at Ecotopia Ojai Hot Springs in California
  1. Pool water temperature changes from time to time so it is best to check the water temperature before you enter the water. A thermometer can be used for this. if you do not have a thermometer You can also test the temperature of the water to see that it is suitable for you by soaking your hand or leg first.
  2. The surrounding environment of the springs is located in an open area, and this area gets plenty of sunlight. So don’t leave your sun cream at home 
  3. If your body heats up during your stay in the pool, you will sweat more and more. Now it’s time to leave the pool and drink plenty of water to bring your body temperature back to normal. Otherwise, you may become dehydrated

Benefits of bathing in the hot Spring

Hot springs provide long-term medicinal benefits to the body and from time immemorial to this day people suffering from illness and disease believe that soaking in a hot tub cures their infections and diseases. However, recent research has confirmed that bathing in a hot tub brings better benefits to our bodies.

 Let’s figure out a few of them.

Improve Blood Circulation reduces the chances of heart attacks

Because the steam in the hot water is enriched with calcium and sodium carbonate, this water improves the blood circulation in the body, and because of this, the function of the heart is improved and the occurrence of heart attacks is reduced.

Reducing pain

Hot spring water is known to reduce pain. Experts believe that the steamy water in the hot pools closes the body’s pain receptors and reduces pain.

Good for skin

Ojai hot spring is rich in silica and sulfur and helps treat various skin problems such as irritations and infections. This is why soaking in hot springs gives very good medicinal results to those suffering from skin infections.

Reduces the stress

A busy life leads to mental stress as well as poor sleep. But getting away from this busy environment for a while and immersing the body in the springs reduces the stress in our mind and creates calm and pleasant sensations. and also it leads us to proper sleep

Reduces Weight

Are you tired of your extra weight? The best solution for that is a hot spring’s water. Due to the heat of this water, our body is heated and calories are burned. By this, you can reduce excess weight in your body

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Other Things To Do Near Ojai

Wine Tasting

Wine tasting - Things To Do Near Ecotopia Ojai Hot Springs California

there are many popular vineyards and wineries near Ojai Hot Springs. So, by charging a small fee, every tourist has been allowed to taste wine. Here you can taste some of California’s popular local blended wines.

Horse Riding

Horse Riding - Things To Do Near Ecotopia Ojai Hot Springs California

Los Padres National Forest has a large number of wilderness trails nearby, which makes horseback riding so popular. There are many stables nearby that offer guided horseback riding tours through the trails at affordable prices. It doesn’t matter even if you are a beginner as these institutes also provide horse riding training by imparting horse riding tips and tricks by certified trainers.

Hiking And Camping

Hiking And Camping -  Things To Do Near Ecotopia Ojai Hot Springs California

Hiking in the park, as well as camping, can be done in the Matilija hot springs surrounding area. camping is not allowed in the area around the springs, but you can do camping in the nearby camping areas.


We highly recommend you visit the Ojai hot spring which is rich in natural minerals. It is located near the city of Ojai in California’s Los Padres National Forest, and the springs’ waters are rich in minerals, giving them various medicinal properties.

Also near hot springs, there are many other popular as well as natural attractions so you can participate in various interesting activities too.


  • 1. Are reservations required to visit Hot Springs?

Reservations are recommended, especially during peak seasons, to ensure availability and a seamless experience.

  • 2. Can children visit Ojai Hot Springs?

Yes, children are welcome under adult supervision. Some pools may have age restrictions, so it’s advisable to check before visiting.

  • 3. Are Ojai Hot Springs open?

Hot Springs was operational, but availability might vary due to factors like maintenance, seasonal changes, or unforeseen circumstances. For the most current information regarding their operating status, We recommend checking their official website or contacting them directly.

  • 4. Is it safe to soak in hot springs for an extended period?

While soaking in hot springs has numerous benefits, it’s advisable to take breaks and hydrate regularly to prevent dehydration or overheating.

  • 5. Are the hot springs accessible for individuals with disabilities?

Some areas may have accessibility limitations, but efforts are made to accommodate individuals with disabilities. It’s recommended to inquire beforehand for specific accommodations



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