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18 Interesting Facts About Poland You Need To Know

One of the most beautiful countries in Europe is Poland. So this article hopes to tell you some interesting facts about Poland.

9th biggest Country in Europe

Poland is the 9th largest country in Europe. Accordingly, it has a size of 312,696 square kilometers. In terms of size, it is larger than Italy and the United Kingdom. More than 38 million people live in this area, and the country is in 34th place in the world’s population.

Home to the heaviest animals living on the European continent.

Bison Cattle - Interesting Facts About Poland

Another interesting fact about Poland is that the country is the only home of bison cattle, which are considered to be the heaviest animals living on the European continent.

They used to live scattered all over Europe, but currently, they live only in the Białowieża Primeval Forest. Their weight is approximately 600 kg and they have been living on the earth for thousands of years. Also, They are the national animals too

Nicolaus Copernicus’s Motherland

Poland is also the birthplace of the world-famous astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus. He was born on 19 February 1473 in Toruń and made important discoveries about the position of the Sun and the Solar System. In addition to astronomy, he is also a pioneer in the fields of Canon law, Economics, Mathematics, Medicine, and Politics.

One of the world’s oldest salt mines

The Wieliczka Salt Mine

Another interesting fact about Poland is that it is home to one of the world’s oldest salt mines. The Wieliczka Salt Mine produced commercial salt from the 13th century until 1996 and is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Considering the size of the mine, it spans 287 kilometers and is 327 meters deep. Today, the mine is a popular tourist destination and around 1.2 million tourists are coming a year.

The world’s biggest castle

The Castle of the Teutonic Order in Malbork

The biggest castle in the world is also located in Poland. It is The Castle of the Teutonic Order in Malbork, spread over 44 acres and named a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It was built in the 13th century by the Teutonic Knights, a German Catholic religious crusader group.

Auschwitz Camp

Auschwitz Camp

Auschwitz was the largest concentration camp and concentration camp run by the German Nazis during World War II. The concentration camp was built in 1940 and the number of men, women, and children who lost their lives exceeded 1.1 million. This is centered on the town of Oswiecim. Nowadays, this is a famous tourist attraction.

World’s oldest restaurant is located in Poland

the oldest restaurant in Europe and the world is located in Poland and it is called Piwnica Swidnicka

Another interesting fact about Poland is that the oldest restaurant in Europe and the world is located in Poland and it is called Piwnica Swidnicka. It is also the oldest restaurant in the world. It was built in 1273.

The food here is fresh and delicious and even celebrities from all over the world have enjoyed their meals at this historic place. This is also famous as a restaurant where you can get local beer and delicious food at a very affordable price.

The world’s first upside-down house

The world’s first upside-down house was designed by Polish businessman and philanthropist Daniel Czapiewski and is located in the small village of Szymbark. The house has attracted thousands of tourists and is interpreted by some as a profound statement about the communist era and the state of the world. It took 114 days to build and however, and many tourists who visit here report feeling mild seasickness and dizziness after a few minutes of being in the house.

The magic school in the world

The College of Wizardry,

Another interesting fact about Poland is The College of Wizardry, which is run by the Hogwarts School of Magic in the Harry Potter series. This school is run only once a year and only 13 different magic subjects are taught.

Marie Curie

The first woman to win the Nobel Prize was Marie Curie, a physicist, and chemist. She is also the first person to win the Nobel Prize twice for two different disciplines. In 1906, she was the first female professor at the University of France. Did you know she is a Polish woman?

The country that is filled with Castle

If you are interested in interesting facts about Poland, do you know that country is full of romantic castles? There are more than 500 palaces throughout the country, including the largest palace in the world. These palaces of various sizes were built by various rulers and emperors and each palace has a unique beauty.

Beautiful Cities

Poland City In Winter

Another thing that should be told to those who are interested in the interesting facts about Poland is that the country was completely destroyed during the Second World War but it is one of the countries with the most beautiful and beautiful cities today. Around the country, there are many beautiful cities with attractive squares. There are ancient towns with cobbled streets, gothic churches, and intriguing architecture with trendy restaurants and buzzing nightlife.

If You might be interested to know what Salzburg is Famous For

Younger age marriage

Poland is also famous as a country where the youngest people get married in Europe. They usually get married between the ages of 25 and 27, which is a relatively younger age compared to other European countries.

The original Gutenberg Bible

The original Gutenberg Bible

One more interesting fact about Poland is that they have a copy of the original Gutenberg Bible. There are only a limited number of copies of the Gutenberg Bible in the world, one of which is in Poland. These Bibles are unique and antique priceless because they are the oldest major book printed on a large scale in Europe. It marked the beginning of the “Gutenberg Revolution” and the era of printed books in the West.

However, the book in Poland is rather incomplete. There is a blot on page 46 and page 217 of the second volume is being missed. This can be seen in the Diocesan Museum in the small town of Pelplin.

The witcher game

The witcher game

You may not have known that the novel that was based on the popular Netflix series The Witcher and the popular video game was written by a Polish man. Another interesting fact is that the third part of this video game was also developed in Poland. More than 50 million copies have been sold here and the TV series based on the computer game has been aired for 2 seasons so far.

Wearing a hat inside a home is a rude thing

If you ever get a chance to visit a house or a Polish friend’s house, one of the things you should keep in mind is to make sure you never wear a hat in the house. The reason for this is that wearing a hat in the house is considered a rude thing in Poland.

Vodka is used as medicine


Today, when talking about vodka, everyone reminds us of Russia. That’s because Russia is famous for vodka and Russian vodka has a high brand value in the world. However, it is considered that Poland was the origin of vodka. It is believed that instead of using vodka as alcohol, they used vodka as medicine. Later, Russia brought vodka into the market as an alcoholic beverage, but Polish people have been using vodka medicinally for a long time.

No means Yes

One more interesting fact about Poland is that no in Polish is yes in English. In other words, if you hear no from a Polish national, it means he saying yes.

So, we think that the interesting facts about Poland that we presented were important to you who are interested in Poland. Let us know your opinion on this too


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