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Best Beginner Guideline To Kitesurfing in Costa Rica

Kitesurfing in Costa Rica is a very popular activity among water sports lovers and tourists all over the world who visit Costa Rica. this article is going to tell you the basic information about Kitesurfing like how to do kite surfing and what you need.

Kitesurfing in Costa Rica

What is kitesurfing?

kitesurfing is a combination of all action sports like surfing, windsurfing, paragliding, and skateboarding glided over the water by a board with a large parachute-type kite that is powered by the wind and can be controlled with both hands. also known as kiteboarding, you don’t need waves to ride the board in the sea, but you have to control the board by legs.

Kitesurfing Costa Rica- Best Beginner Guideline

it has been a recreational activity since the late 1970s and although the name includes surfing, kitesurfing does not require waves like surfing. the wind is the only power needed to get energy for the game. the basic process here is to glide on the water with a flat-bottomed soft board attached to the foot on flat water areas using a small parachute-type kite.

The necessary equipment for kitesurfing


Kite - The necessary equipment for Kitesurfing in Costa Rica

the kite is the main power source that gathers the wind here. there are a variety of kites specially designed for this purpose, but the most popular are kites with wind-blown tubes that are easy to control. the kite is easy to float because the inflated parts help it hold its shape due to the wind. it is better to choose a suitable size of kite depending on the strength of the wind and the size of the player

Type of kites

Type of kites - The necessary equipment for Kitesurfing in Costa Rica

the only type of kite used before 2006 was the C-kite. c kites are so named because they form the letter c with a very curved shape. this was a small kite. but in 2006, bow kites were introduced to the market, bow kites are named because of their flat shape with a bend similar to a bow. A bow kite gives more power than a c kite. overall bow kite offers a huge improvement in safety, very easy re-launch on the water, and ease of use. now hybrid kites are available in the market as a combination of both these kites.


these boards are very similar to surfboards and beginners use larger boards like surf beginners because of the ease of getting on the board and the ease of keeping the board balanced on the water. later they use smaller boards as the game progresses. regarding the size of the boards used, the range of the boards’ size is 125-150cm in length and 38-45cm in width.

Control devise and ropes

in kitesurfing, there are four or five cords that connect you and your controller to the kite. these are special kitesurfing ropes that can float on water. you and the kite are connected to each other by a belt around the abdomen and the belt is connected to the kite.

because of this, even if the kite is slipped from your hand, the connection between you and the kite will not be lost

Kitesurfing in Costa Rica

known for its stunning natural landscape, diverse wildlife, delicious fresh food, and laid-back lifestyle, Costa Rica is an adventure traveler’s dream. sharing borders with Nicaragua and Panama, the Country is a tropical paradise full of forests, high mountains, national parks, beaches, and rich marine life.

kitesurfing season is perfect for travelers looking to escape from the winter with a long season bringing strong winds almost every day from November.

Best Time To Kitesurfing

kite surfing can be done all year round with enough wind and flat water. but the summer season can be considered the best time for kitesurfing in Costa Rica because the weather is hot and dry.


Countryside enjoys a long season with strong, consistent winds and good water levels to suit every style of kite surfer, from beginner to advanced.

the west coast exposed to the pacific ocean is the best kitesurfing spot in Costa Rica.

the main season runs from November to May and the best time is between December and March. during this time, the main kite surfing spots usually enjoy winds of only 18-23 knots daily- but it is common for some spots to get more than 25 knots on certain days.

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Top Spots For Kitesurfing in Costa Rica

Bahia Salinas bay

the capital of kitesurfing is Bahia Salinas Bay which is a stunning spot located northwest of Guanacaste, very close to Nicaragua. it is the natural border that separates Costa Rica and Nicaragua. its pristine and scenic beaches as well as its windswept bay area are famous for kitesurfing in Costa Rica.

the large, crescent-shaped bay is surrounded by a reef just outside the open sea, keeping the waters inside the bay calm. strong winds are often quite rough in the area, but steady light winds blow in the afternoon. although the interior of the lagoon is flat and has small, gentle waves, it can be choppy when the wind picks up. the place is ideal for beginners and intermediate riders to improve their skills. the area has several beaches, including papaturro, coyote, and copal. there are a number of establishments throughout the bay that offer all the services you need when it comes to equipment rentals and kite surfing lessons.

copal beach is a kitesurfing paradise offering the best wind conditions for almost 200 days, from March to November. this is an ideal place for someone looking to indulge in this extreme sport. experienced kite surfers tend to gravitate to this beach. however, it is a perfect fit for beginners or anyone looking to improve their skills.

Lake Arenal

lake Arenal is the largest lake in Costa Rica. also, the constant wind flow here provides good support for water sports. the beautiful lake created due to the dam built to generate hydroelectricity is perfect for water sports .windsurfing (or kite surfing) is considered the best sport on Lake Arenal.

there are several places near the lake that offer kite surfing equipment rentals and classes. perfect wind conditions and beautiful scenery make Lake Arenal the best place for kitesurfing in Costa Rica.

Malpais and Saint Teresa

the twin villages of Saint Teresa and Malpais are other great spots for kite surfing. January to April is the time for kiteboarding in Malpais as the area is very windy. the area is a surfing hotspot, and kitesurfing is possible if you have your kiteboard and gear. kiteboarding resources can be difficult to find, but if you have the equipment, this is a great place in Costa Rica for kitesurfing.

Playa Saint Teresa

playa St Teresa is the village’s main beach. it is one of the best beaches in St. Teresa for kitesurfing beginners and experts, several surf and kite camps can be found on this beach

Playa Hermosa

Hermosa is the beach north of St Teresa. the beach is long and sandy. this is a very popular beach for kitesurfers during the dry season between January and April.

Playa el carmen

between saint Teresa and Malpais lies the beach of playa el carmen. this is the most popular surfing beach for beginners in the area, with a fine sandy beach. playa carmen are great for kite surfing when the wind picks up.

Playa pavones

playa pavones are the southernmost kitesurfing spot with one of the longest waves beaches in the world, December to August is the perfect time for kitesurfing. here you can surf in the morning and kitesurf in the afternoon.

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