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13 Best LGBTQ things to do in Denver in the wintertime

Denver is one of the most liberal cities in the western United States. This makes it one of the most gay-friendly cities in the region. LGBTQ things to do in Denver in the wintertime leave many memorable experiences for travelers. Likewise, the large number of LGBTQ tourists who flock throughout the year makes Denver an attractive destination.

two gay travelers skiing in Denver - Best LGBTQ things to do in Denver in the wintertime

The city abounds with unique restaurants, shopping complexes, and bars, offering the ultimate pleasure and privilege of urban living while allowing the surrounding mountain ranges to blend in with the natural environment.
Denver has a mix of gay-friendly spots and great free outdoor clubs that attract those who want to enjoy it.

The comfort of the city, the vibrancy, and happiness everywhere, as well as the safety, have become a place where everyone can enjoy freedom. The people living in the city are also very friendly and they are really cool people compared to other cities.
The city has a well-established nightlife and many annual events that attract large crowds for winter thanks to LGBTQ men and women who have been coming to Denver from the West for decades.

For these reasons, over the past few years, Denver has grown as a popular LGBTQ tourist destination.

Denver - Best LGBTQ things to do in Denver in the wintertime

LGBTQ things to do in Denver in the wintertime

Denver Art Museum

The Denver Art Museum is a great stop to visit in the winter. LGBTQ people will love coming here with their partners and enjoying the Indian art creations would be a romantic thing. The Museum was founded in 1893, and today it is one of the largest art museums between Chicago and the West Coast, and it remains a landmark with a global collection of art representing cultures from around the world.

Internationally renowned for its collection of indigenous North American art, the museum now houses one of the finest collections of Latin American art and ancient American art.

Botanic Gardens

The Denver Botanic Garden transforms into a winter wonderland every year. The paths in the garden are filled with electric bubbles and beautify the garden. Along with this festival, all the plants in the garden are decorated and lighted with bulbs. It is beautiful enough to attract people to the park.

On a winter night, you can do things like having dinner with a warm drink and engaging in fun activities with friends. Also, even winter activities are allowed here. Buying a ticket is mandatory as these celebrations are traditionally held annually. And don’t forget to reserve your tickets early as there are many people participating in this event.


For more than 100 years, the Museum of Nature and Science has been at the forefront of Denver’s cultural scene. Explore the universe, learn about different types of gems and minerals and get up close with exploring a T-Rex dinosaur. The museum’s permanent exhibits include extraordinary objects such as dinosaur bones and Egyptian mummies. also, there is also a high-tech educational studio and an area where children can do scientific experiments.

You can also do art projects and experiments. The museum’s IMAX theater and planetarium offer several shows daily, and this is a great opportunity for you to attend and learn something new. Among the LGBTQ things to do in Denver in the wintertime, visiting the Denver Museum of Nature and Science will be an opportunity for you who are LGBTQ to earn something new in life.

Skating at Skyline Park

Ice skating is something that everyone, young and old, likes to do in winter. So this thing can be done in Denver as well. It was at Skyline Park. So we would like to recommend for you have this experience this coming winter and if you have not done ice skating before then it will be a new experience for you. From there you can learn how to ice skate and if needed can rent the necessary ice skating shoes and learn yourself.

Attend the Annual National Western Stock Show

The National Western Show in Denver is one of the most popular western shows in the world. For 113 years, thousands of spectators and more than 15,000 animals from across the country can be seen, as well as rodeo performances, bull riding competitions, dance-horse shows, barrel racing, auction booths, and shops selling everything from cowboy boots to cookware.

Hike at Red Rocks Amphitheatre

This popular rock concert venue in Denver Everyone from opera singers and orchestras to The Beatles, U2, Neil Young, Coldplay, and Jimi Hendrix have played here at least once. Musicians consider Red Rocks Amphitheater, about 15 miles (24 km) west, one of the best places in the world to play. due to you’re looking for LGBTQ things to do in Denver during your winter trip to Denver, this would be a great place to stop.

As well as the beauty of the surrounding scenery, the stage area surrounded by stone pillars will give you the taste of a rock music experience. Although there are no shows here in winter, there is no shortage of tourists. And after visiting here, you will feel that it is a good place to make a Tik Tok video.

Walk the Snowy Clear Creek Trail in Golden

Golden is a small mountain town near Denver. The beauty here is breathtaking and during the winter, the snowy Golden City turns into a fairy tale town. You can spend a day here with your partner. You can find many different activities in the Golden City from mountain climbing.

Ski Town

One of the most fun reasons to visit Denver is the mountains to the west. Several great ski towns nearby draw huge numbers of skiing enthusiasts from around the world. So missing this option as LGBTQ things to do in Denver in the winter would be a huge loss.

Loveland Ski Area
Winter Park

The cities are ski towns within easy reach and are very popular. In addition to skiing, the town is full of restaurants, bars, shops, and other recreational activities, so you can find what you like here.

Snow Tube at Colorado Adventure Park

Colorado Adventure Park is the largest and safest Winter Park tubing hill in the state. They provide an endless chain of activities for visitors to enjoy. Among them, tubes, double tubes, fat tire bikes, and snowshoes are available for rent and there is no end to the fun because they also make snow. So, don’t forget to add Colorado Adventure Road to your list of LGBTQ things to do in Denver in the wintertime. It allows you to indulge in several activities with a different flavor

Ride the Santa Express Train through Royal Gorge

The Santa Express train will add the ultimate experience to your list of LGBTQ things to do in the wintertime. Every winter it passes through the Royal Gorge and the route goes through the town of Cañon. Canon is just two hours far from Denver. in the train you can find Santa handing out treats to the little ones.

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Glide on the Ice at Evergreen Lake

The largest Zamboni outdoor ice rink in North America is Evergreen Lake, which spans an area of 8.5 acres. It provides space for skating during the day as well as at night. There are so many fun activities around this giant lake that you’re sure to find something to enjoy. Evergreen Lake is sure to be one of the top things to do in Denver during the winter. Here you can get the necessary equipment for rent, so only your visit with a partner is sufficient.

Snowshoe through a Winter Wonderland

Many nature lovers are naturally drawn to the mountains from Denver. Many tourists like to ski through the mountain trails in winter and you can also try this experience in winter. Rocky Mountain National Park, Breckenridge Nordic Center, and St. Mary’s Glacier are popular among the one-day tours. and if you’re staying in town for some days, you can also try the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge. Park is home to wildlife and strolls through this park are one of the best LGBTQ things to do in Denver in the winter.

Hike in Boulder

Boulder is a popular hiking destination with trails that are popular with hikers located just about an hour from Denver. There are 30 different trails around Boulder, so you can choose the trail you like according to the view and topography of each one.

Winter is a time for many people to travel and this is due to the holiday season at the end of the year. However, winter can also be considered a lovely time when there are many different environmental changes in the year. A visit to Denver will add freshness to life as this is a time when you spend more time with your loved ones and LGBTQ friends. As a city that has always been friendly, this is a great LGBTQ destination for you there are plenty of LGBTQ things to do in Denver during the winter. So it’s time for you to enjoy that experience


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