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Best Elephant Safari Destinations In Africa And Asia

If you are a wildlife lover and curious about the giant creatures that roam the earth, then it’s no surprise that elephants are on your list. When it comes to seeing them, there is no better experience than seeing them in the wild, in their natural habitat and for that, going on a safari is the best unbeatable option. So you can find safari to see these gentle giants up close in the vast savannahs of Africa or the dense forests of Asia and in this article we present the best safari destinations in Africa and Asia where we ensure that you can see elephants up close and personal.

Why Elephants Are a Must-See on Safari

Best Elephant Safari Destinations In Africa And Asia

Elephants are not only the largest animals on land, but they are also symbols of wisdom and strength. The complex social structure, emotional intelligence, and graceful movement patterns of these giants have undeniably become a fascinating subject for wildlife enthusiasts and tourists.  But,  unfortunately, elephants are currently facing many threats including poaching and habitat loss, and governments are working to maintain national parks to make sure they exist and are safe. To accomplish these tasks  Safari Tourism plays a crucial role in raising funds and awareness. So you too can contribute to the protection and conservation of these incredible animals by choosing reputable safari operators

Best Times to See Elephants

The timing of your safari can make a big difference in the success of your elephant sighting. Generally, the dry season from June to October in Africa is the best time to watch elephants and during this time the water sources gradually decrease, so the elephants congregate around the rivers and water ponds. In Asia, with its tropical climate, the best time varies from country to country and region to region, so it’s worth checking the best time depending on where you plan to visit in Asia.

Best Elephant Safari Destinations In Africa And Asia

Best Safari Destinations for Elephant Viewing

There are two main groups of elephants living in the world today, the Asian elephant and the African elephant. There are many striking differences between Asian and African elephants, and the main difference is the regions in which they live. The Asian elephant lives around the Asian continent and the African elephant lives around the African continent. Among them, the largest population of elephants on earth is the African elephant, and the largest population lives in Botswana. Also, a large population of Asian elephants can be seen centered in India.

Best Safari Destinations in Africa to Watch Elephants

  •    Kruger National Park – South Africa
Best Elephant Safari Destinations In Africa And Asia

Kruger National Park is South Africa’s oldest and most iconic national park. It covers two million hectares and will provide the best safari opportunities to see African elephants. The park also has a high density of wildlife. The park offers a more pristine desert experience as well as elephant sightings by hot air balloon rides.

  •    Chobe National Park – Botswana
Best Elephant Safari Destinations In Africa And Asia

Chobe National Park is one of the best safari destinations in the world to see African elephants. There are about 120,000 elephants in the park, and tourists can see them on a safari or a cruise on the Chobe River.

As well as elephants, buffaloes, lions, and leopards come to the banks of the river to drink water, and birds like kingfishers can be seen roaming over the water. The dry season from May to October is the best time to see large herds of elephants in Chobe National Park  

  •     Amboseli National Park – Kenya
Best Elephant Safari Destinations In Africa And Asia

Amboseli National Park, one of the most stunning locations on Earth, is situated close to Tanzania’s border at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro. Huge herds of elephants may be viewed here, and the grassy plains at the base of the hills make the ideal setting for elephant safaris.

  • Serengeti National Park – Tanzania
Best Elephant Safari Destinations In Africa And Asia

Serengeti National Park is one of the best safari destinations in the world to see elephants in Africa. Located in northern Tanzania, this UNESCO-listed park is one of the oldest ecosystems on Earth.

The Serengeti is home to over two million wildebeest and the world’s largest land mammal migration takes place here. This event is one of Africa’s Seven Natural Wonders and an amazing sight.

  • Mana Pools National Park – Zimbabwe
Best Elephant Safari Destinations In Africa And Asia

Mana Pools National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Zimbabwe, is renowned for its wildlife and scenic splendor. The park’s reservoirs are the ideal locations to see wildlife since they draw large concentrations of animals. In addition, the park provides a variety of activities, such as walking and canoe safaris, where visitors may witness a wide range of animals, including lions, hippos, elephants, and more than 350 species of birds.

Best Safari Destinations in  Asia to See Elephants

  • Kaziranga National Park – India
Best Safari Destinations in  Asia to See Elephants

Kaziranga National Park is a national park located in India. The park is home to India’s rhinos and is also listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This also hosts a number of tigers. However, Kaziranga National Park can also be considered the best destination to see Indian elephants, another subspecies of Asian elephants. It is estimated that nearly 2000 Indian elephants live here and this park can be recommended as the best destination for a safari in India.

  •   Uda Walawe National Park – Sri Lanka
Best Safari Destinations in  Asia to See Elephants

Udawalawa Park can be called one of the most famous parks in Sri Lanka. This is because it is a safari destination where you can see Sri Lankan elephants, another subspecies of Asian elephants. Only jeep safaris are allowed here and tourists have the opportunity to see large numbers of elephants during the safari.

In addition, the elephants’ transitional home established near the parks is a center for caring for small elephant calves that are injured or lost in the forest. There, you have the opportunity to watch how they are cared for and how the calves are fed.

  • Minneriya National Park – Sri Lanka
Best Safari Destinations in  Asia to See Elephants

Minneriya National Forest Park is one of the excellent safari destinations for seeing wild elephants in Sri Lanka. Minneriya is well-known worldwide for its capacity to observe about 500 elephants at once, as well as elephants gathering around Minneriya Lake. As the rains stop and the dry season approaches, a large number of elephants move to Minneriya. Their last stop is the Minneriya reservoir, where elephants of all ages, from calves to young and elderly, assemble on lake ground during the dry season to munch leaves in the evenings.

  • Kinabatangan Wildlife Sanctuary – Borneo
Best Safari Destinations in  Asia to See Elephants

Kinabatangan Wildlife Sanctuary is the best destination for Borneo elephant sightings. Borneo elephants are a subspecies of Asian elephants and some call them Asian pygmy elephants. To see them up close, a boat safari along the river in Kinabatangan Park is recommended and it is possible to see elephants on the banks of the river.

Tips for a Successful Elephant Safari

Best Elephant Safari Destinations In Africa And Asia
  • A knowledgeable guide can make a safari trip more energetic and meaningful. Therefore, choose guides with extensive experience and a deep understanding of animal behavior and habitats.
  • Always follow your guide’s instructions and maintain a respectful distance from the animals. Never attempt to feed or touch wild animals. Your safety and the welfare of the animals depend on responsible behavior.
  • Pack essentials such as binoculars, a good camera, sunscreen, comfortable clothing, water, and food. Morning and evening are prime times for elephant activity, so be prepared for long days.


Seeing elephants in the wild is a life-changing experience, and they have a gentleness that makes you want to see them again and again no matter how long you stay with them. So, the best way to see such a beautiful living creature up close is to go on a safari. Whether you choose the vast landscapes of Africa or the lush jungles of Asia as the best safari destinations to see elephants in the wild, it promises unforgettable memories and a deep connection with nature.


  • What is the best time of year to go on an elephant safari?

The dry season, typically from June to October in Africa, is the best time to see elephants as they gather around water sources. In Asia, the ideal times vary by location.

  • How can I contribute to elephant conservation while on safari?

Choose eco-friendly safari operators, respect wildlife, and consider donating to reputable conservation organizations.

  • Are elephant safaris safe?

Yes, as long as you follow safety guidelines and listen to your guide. Maintaining a respectful distance from the elephants is crucial.

  • What should I pack for an elephant safari?

Essentials include binoculars, a camera, sunscreen, comfortable clothing, and sturdy shoes. Don’t forget a hat and insect repellent.

  • Can I see baby elephants on safari?

Absolutely! Many safari parks and reserves have thriving elephant populations with calves of various ages, especially during the birthing season.


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