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Enriching Things To Do In Hvar 2024

Croatia is the newest member of the Schengen region and Hvar is one of the most beautiful islands and an attractive tourist destination in Croatia, which is full of many beautiful islands. So if you want to visit Croatia, remember to visit this beautiful island because a lot of the best things to do in Hvar are waiting for you.

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10 Best Things To Do In Hvar

Hvar Island Croatia 2023 - Best things to do in Hvar

Hvar is known as one of the sunniest islands in Europe and many tourists want to spend their holidays enjoying the pleasant weather there. Because of this, many things to do in Hvar have been listed and we will tell you some of the best ones to make your trip easier.

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Spanish Fort

The best place in town where you can experience an unforgettable panoramic view of the city and the Pakleni islands with its surroundings is the Spanish Fortica fortress. Considering the evolution of the fort, it was inhabited by the ancient Illyrians before 500 BC, and later a fort was built by the Byzantines in the 6th century. The current fort was built by the Venetians only in 1278. Later in the 19th century, the Austrians updated the fort by adding new barracks.

Fortica | Hvar Town, Croatia - best things to do in Hvar

tourists who go to Fortica can still experience the prison cells in the fort and can also explore a collection of ancient amphorae found on the seabed and a terrace cafe. Due to the above reasons, the fort has been one of the top attractive places in Croatia and it is also earned its place as top on the list of best things to do in Hvar

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Napolean Fortress

Built by the French in 1812, the Napoleon Fortress is another of Croatia’s most iconic landmarks. Among the places to visit in Hvar, the Napoleonic fortress should be included because the amazing view that can be seen from there is very beautiful.
Let’s figure out the reason to build this a little bit.

Fort Napoljun - Napolean (Hvar, Croatia ) -best things to do in Hvar

During the Napoleon Wars, the French soldiers, who barely escaped the attack of the Russian fleet in 1806, decided to build a fort.
Later, the 230-meter-high hilltop fort was completed in 1812 and named after Napoleon.
After the fall of Napoleon in 1815, the Croatian forts were taken over by the Austrians, who renovated it again.

In the end, however, from 1941 to 1945 the fortress was controlled under the authority of the Army of Independent Croatia, and after World War II the fortress was also used for military purposes as an observation post. But today it is famous as a tourist destination in Croatia.


Jelsa is a beautiful town that history goes back to the 14th century, bordering the Blue Sea and surrounded by mountains. If you are curious about the best things to do in Hvar, the best place to get a centuries-old historical feel is the town of Jelsa.

Jelsa town (Hvar, Croatia) - best things to do in Hvar

The natural beauty and the red-roofed buildings add to the charm of the city. The city is covered with centuries-old buildings and churches, monuments and statues of famous people, and those are a witness to its antiquity.

Village restaurants and cafes in the city provide you with space to spend some free time in the city and if you like you can relax on the beach or can go swimming in the sea.

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Stari Grad

The Stari Grad plain is located on the northern side of Croatia’s Hvar Island with a stunning view of the blue Adriatic Sea. The area has very fertile soil that has been used for the cultivation of many important crops for centuries and is today a popular tourist destination.
Stari Grad is suitable for visiting at any time of the year and the historical ruins here attract the attention of tourists.

Stari Grad ( Hvar, Croatia ) - best things to do in Hvar

The area is one of the most fertile areas in Croatia and the agricultural activities in this area stretch back some 24 centuries. Now the area is considered a UNESCO World Heritage. Still, an important agricultural area in Croatia, the region pioneered the production of wheat, barley, corn, olives, grapes, and other crops.

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Franciscan Monastery

Rich in art, history, and architecture, Croatia is a haven of wonder. Among these wonders, Hvar is another home to wonders. So you won’t have a hard time finding a list of things to do in Hvar. Franciscan Monastery is a place that has managed to attract such tourists. This 15th-century monastery is one of the most attractive places in the area.

Franciscan Monastery ( Hvar, Croatia ) - best things to do in Hvar

The monastery can be easily identified because of the tall bell tower here, which is clearly visible even from a distance.
It is not surprising that tourists are naturally attracted here because of the scenery and historical value of the place where the monastery is established.

St. Stephen’s Cathedral & Square

St. Stephen’s Cathedral & Square ( Hvar, Croatia ) - best things to do in Hvar

St. Stephen’s Cathedral & church square is another place to explore in Croatia and is therefore very popular among tourists. Considered one of the most historic buildings in Croatia, the history of the church dates back to 1605. The church that we see today was first built on the site of a Christian church, and later this church was built on its ruins.

Beach Lucisca bay

Beach Lucisca bay, Sveta Nedjelja ( Hvar, Croatia) - best things to do in Hvar

One of the most beautiful natural beaches belonging to this island is Lucisca Beach. The water is crystal clear, the beach is absolutely clean and the view of the mountains is amazing. Due to limited space, it’s worth arriving early in the summer season, and we recommend taking an umbrella with you. The beach bar near the beach offers refreshments and food for you all day long.
The beach is a naturally formed beach surrounded by beautiful mountain ranges. These beach facilities are limited and popular among tourists who love to live with nature as the best thing to do in Hvar.


Jerolim Hvar,  Croatia - best things to do in Hvar

Jerolim Beach is another beautiful gift that Croatia has received and has been named the world’s top natural beach by the world-famous CNN. This island is the best place in Croatia to have a nude beach experience as it is a nudist beach area. There are bathrooms and restaurants on the beach so you can get the food and drinks you need. Among the things to do in Hvar, is head to Jerolim for a nude beach experience.

Wine Tour

Croatia has earned a name for itself in the wine market as a world-famous wine producer. So Croatia’s wine story goes back 2400 years and Hvar Island is the wine island in Croatia. The oldest Plavac Mali vineyard in the world is also located on this island. So we suggest that the best thing to do in Hvar is to go on a wine and beer tour that will give you a great experience.

The Blue and Green Caves

The Blue and Green Cave ( Hvar, Croatia) - best things to do in Hvar

Among the best things to do in Hvar, another very popular activity is taking a boat trip to the Blue Caves. Inside a naturally formed limestone cave, due to the reflection of the sunlight from the water, the bottom of the cave is shaped in a beautiful blue color. This is a naturally occurring phenomenon. You have to go into the cave by boat and for that, you can rent a boat.


For those traveling in Croatia, there are many more things to do in Hvar. We will let you find those things for you. Also, we invite you to read the article for an idea of ​​the foods you can try in Hvar because we believe that you can live the Hvar life to the fullest with Croatian foods and Things.


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