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What is Salzburg Famous For

There are a lot of things that made Salzburg famous so before going to them, let’s find out about the basics of Salzburg.  Salzburg is an Austrian city on the border to Germany, with a view of the eastern Alps. The town is divided by the Salsak River, with the old city on the left and the new city on the right.

The German language is used in Germany as well as in Austria. In German, Burg means castle. Salz means salt. At that time, salt was transported by boats across the river in the middle of the town. A tax was levied on each of those boats. Hence the German name “Salzburg” means in English is “Salt Castle”.

Salzburg - Famous Austria City

The first thing you need to do when entering the city is to get your information and maps from the information unit at the Main Railway Station or any tourist information center in the city. (Open from 9 am). You can buy a Salzburg card if you want, which is more convenient. This is because after purchasing the card you will only incur additional expenses such as food and accommodation. The card includes all sightseeing and public transportation charges (within the city) and discounts on cultural features.

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Salzburg Fortress, also known as Hohenzelsberg Palace, was built on the top of Festungsberg hill. This was a powerful stronghold for the rulers of the region at the time.

This fortress has undergone many renovations and expansions since its inception. The fort has been upgraded to be easily accessible to tourists, including a cable car facility from the bottom of the hill to the top of the hill.

Hohensalzburg fortress - Salzburg Fortress

The fortress was built by Archbishop Gebhard in 1077.  After the next few years, his successors ensured that the architecture of the fort continued to develop. In the 1500s, on the advice of Archbishop Leonhard von Keatschach, the complex was given the look we see today. The original purpose of the fort was to protect the principality and the archbishop from enemy attacks. And it has never been captured by foreign forces in these years. This is one of the largest medieval castles in Europe. Now it is a thing that does Salzburg famous all over the world

Fort includes its small St. George’s Church and the famous Bull. The fortress Museum is well worth a visit, including antiques and torture equipment, as well as ancient artifacts.


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Austrian classical music Composer

Born on January 27 in 1756, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was an Austrian classical music Composer who was able to play several instruments at the age of six. His super skills with his music did Salzburg famous at that time and do it even today. He has started his musical journey playing in public streets. Over the years, Mozart has composed hundreds of music works, including Sonatas, Symphonies, and Masses, with various European artists and sponsors. Commercial music, concerts, and operas are marked by vivid emotions and intricate textures.

Hallein and the Celtic Museum

Hallein and the Celtic Museum

The Museum of the Celts Hallein is one of the best places to visit near the city and a place where Salzburg is famous. The Celts Museum in Halein is the largest museum of Celtic history and art in Europe. The prehistoric history of Salzburg and the urban history of Hallein are aspects of the past that give life to this. Durnberg’s collection of ice age cemeteries, settlements, and salt mines is unique to Europe. Walk-in salt Mine Galleries, burial chambers Artistic Jewelry art, and Celts Culture can be experienced close up here.

UNESCO World Heritage Old City

UNESCO World Heritage Old City

Salzburg is home to many of the main attractions of the Old City or Altstadt, including historic buildings, beautifully designed squares, and small sidewalks that bring the town a magnificent look. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The building style is mainly medieval and Baroque architecture and the old city is a super place to walk. And Urban is good to spend your time in the city, where you can easily spend the day walking the streets, eating, drinking, and shopping.

Salzburg Cathedral

Salzburg Cathedral

The Cathedral is located in a square near the Salzburg Residence and St. Petersburg. This is a great example of a baroque cathedral. Created in 774, the cathedral has been demolished and renovated several times and is now a prominent piece of architecture.

In 1167 the city was set on fire by the followers of Emperor Frederick Barbarossa and the cathedral was also destroyed. The Cathedral was rebuilt magnificently and more impressively than ever in 1181 after the fire. Now The Cathedral has become a major hotspot for tourists and a thing Salzburg is famous for.

Salzburg Cathedral

The Cathedral’s front has double bell towers and the outside Marion Column is in the middle of ” Domplatz”. Looks like a relatively simple design, but its interior is stunning and still stands out.

Getreidegasse Street

This famous and popular street that runs along the old town is a great place for shopping and a tourist-attracted spot that makes Salzburg famous. Many of the buildings on the narrow street are packed together and decorated with beautiful designs and ornaments and windows. Many streets and courtyards bring a romantic look, and small Iron Guild signs make  Gethridegas street charming and antique.

Getreidegasse Street

The special architectural feature of Gettridges is that there are many houses with common passages on the ground floor. These passages connect Gethrigegas with Gregory Gas and University Square. Centuries ago, Getridgas was cleansed every Saturday evening and before every holiday. This was done by flooding the entire street with water from the Alm channel and let drain into the river Salzach. Many homes have inscriptions of previous owners’ names, with the iron guild signs.

The cleanest mountains


The cleanest and safest mountains have become another reason for being Salzburg famous around the world.  Due to this reason, a lot of tourists are going to the mountains who visited Salzburg and so that, the city council had to appoint separate teams to remove the hazards from the mountains for the safety of tourists. Later It was considered one of the most unique jobs in the world.

Geisberg mountain

Geisberg mountain

Geisberg is best known for the walks around it. Children and their pets can enjoy a 5km trek up to 1000m above sea level. You can enjoy a wonderful view of the city while walking. On a clear day, you can see the German border.

From the top of the mountain, you can see a spectacular view from the city to Lake, to neighboring Bavaria, and to the south of Gol Massif and Tenningberg.

In the summer, Geisberg is a great destination for cycling, mountain biking, and mountaineering. Another important thing to see in the summer is the vintage vehicle race.

Untersberg Mountain


Untersberg is known as the Holy Mountain. City of Salzburg and Untersberg at the beginning of the 20th century.

Joining started a cable car project called “Monster Cable Cars”. The plan was realized after the economic stabilization of Austria after 1945. The Untersberg cable car project was started in 1958 and in 1959 Construction began there, in 1961 it was opened to the public

Red Bull drink

Red Bull

The world-famous Red bull energy drink was born in Salzburg in Austria. Red Bull was started in the mid-1980s by an entrepreneur named Dietrich Matschits. He not only introduced a fresh product to the world but also came up with a new marketing concept. Red Bull Energy Drink was launched in Austria on April 1, 1987. Red bull was born as a completely new product line.

St. Peter’s Stiffscullinarium


The oldest restaurant in Central Europe is St. Peter’s Stiffscullinarium. It also acts as a spot that makes Salzburg famous for Austrian traditional foods.  It has been welcoming and serving guests for over 1200 years. The world’s great place to enjoy modern life within the walls of historic restaurants with traditional Austrian cuisine and modern cuisine and wine.


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