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Best Things To Know About Croatia Joining Schengen Zone

The world’s visa-free tourist zone had covered 22 countries in Europe and Now it is 23 after reserving the membership of Schengen to Croatia. We believe that presenting you with some facts about the things to know about Croatia Joining the Schengen zone will help to make your trip to the next easier as a tourist.

Croatia - Things Travelers Need To Know About Croatia Joining Schengen Zone

Things To Know About Croatia Joining Schengen Zone

As a country, Croatia has risen to become one of Europe’s top tourist destinations over the past decade, and the economy has grown to a very high level as well. so It is also set to join the borderless Schengen area next year. Along with this, Croatia’s travel regulations will be changed a lot and there are more things to know about Croatia Joining the Schengen zone.

  1. Thus, from January 1st of next year, tourists from Schengen countries are allowed to enter the country freely through Hungary, Italy, and Slovenia without border checks.
  2. Since the International Air Transport Association (IATA) has yet to change its program schedule, further screening of passengers may be required, which will also be fully stopped from March 26, 2023.
  3. Once the Country starts using the euro as its currency, the euro will be its official currency. Accordingly, the prices of goods and services will increase slightly. But if you come from a country that uses the Euro currency, you won’t notice any difference.
  4. Another important thing that tourists should mind about Croatia joining the Schengen zone is that when Croatia starts to use the SIS, they will also be authorized to issue visas to enter the Schengen Area. Accordingly, you can apply for a visa through the Croatian embassy in your country of residence.
  5. An important thing should know If you are an American tourist is that the 90-day visa-free stay opportunity that you previously had in Croatia will be canceled with being Schengen, and you will be subject to the valid visa rules of the normal Schengen country.

Things travelers get as benefits after Croatia joining the Schengen Zone

Croatia has many benefits for tourists who already have a Schengen passport. The best of these is the ability to travel, work, and live without a visa. This is a benefit for tourists in the region as well as for Croatian nationals.
In the same way, it is being able to use the Euro as a currency. also, it is possible to use public transportation for easy transportation when traveling to Croatia.

Things need to know about a country joining the Schengen zone

The Schengen area is part of the European Community and a grant achievement of the Europa project. The project, which was started in 1985 as an intergovernmental project, was initially initiated by 5 countries of the European Union and those countries were France, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg. and later Schengen zone gradually became the world’s largest free travel area.

Being a Schengen means being part of an area with no internal border control. Thus, during transit or travel between the countries of the Schengen Area, checking is not carried out at their internal borders except in cases of specific threats. And in convention
Based on clearly defined criteria, the country is governed by the agreed-upon external boundaries between the countries.

Thus, the things travelers need to know are that if you have a Schengen visa for travel, you can travel freely throughout this zone, travel between countries can be done by train, bus, or taxi, and because there are no borders, you can roam around the zone without any hitch.

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Things to fulfill to Joining Schengen Zone

Countries wishing to join the Schengen area have a set of preconditions to fulfill. Thus, as the things that must be fulfilled for a country to be,

1. The so-called ‘Schengen Acquis’ should be implemented for police cooperation, visas, personal data protection, and border control.

2. It should be possible to bear the responsibility too of issuing uniform visas and external border control on behalf of other countries in the region.

3. Once border controls between countries are abolished, they should be able to work cooperatively and efficiently with law enforcement agencies in other countries to maintain a high level of security in the region.

4. The country should be ready to Access the Schengen Information System (SIS) and use it.

8 Facts travelers need to know about Croatia


With hundreds of islands and extensive beaches, seafood has become a staple in the country. Croatia is famous for its delicious simple seafood, especially lobsters, shrimps, crabs, and squids.

Delicious Wine

Despite its small land area, wine has been produced for more than 2,500 years. the country is home to around 300 wine regions. Most local wines are white. Occasionally red or rosé wines can also be found.

Stunning beach

Croatia is the country in Europe with the best, cleanest beaches in Europe. With crystal-clear water and lush forest backdrops, the sandy beaches, clear, warm waters, and stunning beach sunsets have won over tourists. Coastal areas are flanked by limestone mountains and rock formations that bring unique beauty to Croatia.

Great History

In the past, Croatia had been a Greek colony for thousands of years and was the first home to tribes from various prehistoric eras too. Later it became a part of the Roman Empire. Much of the coastal region is filled with ancient Roman ruins. Located between the Balkans and Central Europe, Croatia has been the site of many battles over the centuries for the creation of various empires and republics.

With its beautifully preserved walls, red-tiled roofs, and cobbled streets, Dubrovnik City is a fine example of urban architecture. The center of the Split City is built entirely around the remains of the Roman Emperor Diocletian’s Palace and the area.

Island system

Croatia has more than a thousand islands, each with its charm, and the largest are Cres, Krk, Brač, Hvar, Pag, and Korčula. , some of the larger ones are historic Italian towns and villages. It will take you months to explore this vast island system.


Agritourism is becoming particularly popular across Europe. Croatia has won most of this popularity. For those looking for a break in the Croatian countryside, the Istria region is a great place to relax. You can freely spend your alone time walking through the peaceful meadows.


Croatia is a great place for nightlife. Pag Island offers 24-hour support for tourists who love beach nightlife. anyway, Tourists who want to taste something with local flavor should go to restaurants in Zagreb, Rijeka, Zadar, or Split. All these places provide excellent nightlife. Beer, wine, and cocktails are also available at many of these places at very affordable prices.

Huacachina Oasis

Spending the night in a small village surrounded by a perfect oasis in the middle of a white sand desert would be a great experience for visitors to this country. For this, you have to travel to Huacachina Oasis, which is about 180 miles away from Lima. Spending a night or two will not be a lost


The details contained in this article about things to know about Croatia joining the Schengen zone will help you plan your next vacation to Croatia, which is the newest addition to Europe’s visa-free zone. So Croatia will be a new experience for you to start your tour of Southeast Europe.


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