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10 Best Restaurants In Hvar Recommended By TripAdvisor

Hvar is considered to be the largest island in Croatia. The island has been able to offer many unforgettable experiences to tourists. for this, The food culture of Hvar and the best things to do in Hvar have been the reasons.

So tourists coming to Croatia have been used to choosing the best restaurant to taste Croatian foods because they can add the taste of Croatian foods to experience a perfect Croatian trip that will be unforgettable.
So for this, we thought of sharing information about some of the best restaurants in Hvar recommended by TripAdvisor. So let’s see what those restaurants are.

Best restaurants in Hvar On TripAdvisor


dalmatino croatia - Best restaurants in Hvar On TripAdvisor

Dalmatino is ranked first among the best restaurants in HVAR recommended by TripAdvisor. It is clear from the 4400 reviews that this place recommended by tourists from all over the world. Amazing restaurant service with amazing food is incredible and the staff at Dalmatino is very friendly, impeccable, and super knowledgeable about the restaurant menu.
Customers can listen to live music while eating and it will be a wonderful experience here. Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, Dalmatino is stocked with world-famous spirits, beers, and wines. For these reasons, we recommend that everyone who visits Hvar, Should Try Dalmatino.


Fig Hvar

Fig Hvar opened in 2015 and is a unique pioneer in food presentation and taste located on an attractive side street in Hvar. The eatery menu is full with dishes crafted from locally grown produce. Fig Hvar has managed to bring variety to Hvar’s culinary art with creative and fresh flavors in a meal. Because of these reasons, Fig Hvar have been made one of the best restaurants in Hvar recommended by TripAdvisor by local and foreign tourists.

Fig Hvar is also a vegetarian’s dream restaurant as it offers fried vegetable staples with a huge reputation for vegetarian food. The staff is always kind, funny and helpful too.

The place where Fig Hvar located is quite small and so that they don’t support early reservations but they do their best to let you know how long you have to wait for a table. They will help you sit on the benches outside with a drink until come to your turn.


Val Marina

Mediterranean food has gained a reputation as quality food in the world and Croatia is the best destination in the world to taste such food. So, when you visit Hvar, the best place to enjoy real Mediterranean flavors is the Val Marina.

Popular among meat lovers for its dishes made with premium meats such as Kobe beef, Argentinian ribs eye, lamb rack, or duck breast. not only that but also the place has not neglected to offer customers the experience of organic fresh vegetables and fruits.


Black Pepper

Black Pepper is known as a restaurant that does a masterful job of cooking using local ingredients and creating delicious and innovative dishes for enjoyment. No matter what dish you order, they offer a shot of Croatian-made rose (flower) liqueur to tantalize your taste buds.
They also have an excellent wine list and some great beers as well as other spirits. Although the overall menu is not very large, there is something for everyone even for vegans .

Lungo Mare

Lungo Mare is a small family restaurant and This place is one of the best places to get great food at a very affordable price.
The restaurant offers dishes made from fish specialties and organic vegetables grown in their garden, as well as wonderful meat dishes cooked on the grill on the terrace. The Lungo Mare also uses virgin olive oil to cook the food and serves wine from their family wine collection.



Giaxa located in Stari Grad is one of the best restaurants in Hvar recommended by tripadvisor. the restaurant is a pioneer in serving food made by locally-caught fish and seafood with locally grown vegetables.

Their menu is filled with a wide range of dishes such as cold or hot dishes as well as seafood or land, salads, and side dishes, desserts and snacks.
In terms of drinks, the Giaxa offers drinks manufactured under local, foreign and European popular brand names. and also, it must be said that the staff is knowledgeable and energetic to make all these tasks easier for you.


Konoba Menego

Konoba Menego is a one of one of the best restaurants in Croatia run by a family. Most of the dishes here are close to the traditional Hvar cuisine and the ingredients used in the preparation of the food are from their family’s garden. They serve their guests wine made from grapes harvested from their own vineyard. The building where the restaurant is located is a very old place and the restaurant in that place has been in existence since 1999 and has gradually grown into the restaurant it is today.


Alviz is the best place to go if you want to escape the crowded streets and taste some local food. The restaurant, which creates a local feeling, can be called a restaurant in the city that provides high-quality food and drinks at a reasonable price.

And the staff here also provide a very friendly service and they understand the customer’s needs well and give a wide knowledge about the food on their menu before placing the order. Bosnian grilled meat called Cevapi and pizza made in their own recipe including spicy salami, hot vinegar and crisp crust are the most popular dishes of the restaurant.

Hula Hula

Enjoying a meal while listening to music with sunset in the evening is the best thing in our life.The restaurant Hula Hula Hvar is the best place for this . Hula Hula is equipped with a cool vibe and friendly staff. Sunbeds are also available for rent at the restaurant, which is stocked with delicious Croatian cuisine and world-famous liquors and beers. So, those who go here can take this sunbed and get a sun massage in the evening sea sunlight.


Restaurant Park

Hvar’s Restaurant Park offers an unforgettable memory with its magical atmosphere and amazing food.
With stunning surroundings and an inviting atmosphere, the place is an ideal venue for any celebration, from business or casual dinners to weddings.

The Restaurant Park has been rated as one of the best restaurants in Hvar recommended by TripAdvisor. and offers a complete fine dining experience. The restaurant offers traditional Dalmatian and international cuisine prepared with high-quality ingredients. The wine list is full of wines from countries like France, Italy, USA as well as the best Croatian bottles.



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