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Valley of Roses in Morocco: Best Aromatic Splendor

Valley of Roses in Morocco is the country’s top tourist destination. This is because the rose grown there is a starting point for many products, including perfumes, around the world. So join us to discover the wonders of this valley, the history, culture, life, and economic value of rose oil production.

What is the Valley of Roses in Morocco?

Valley of Roses in Morocco

The small town of El Kelaa M’Gouna, 140 kilometers east of Ouarzazate in southern Morocco, is known as the Valley of the Roses. This city is a beautiful place in the African continent known for its lush surroundings and the stunning Rosa Damascena. Morocco is one of the most visible countries in North Africa, as well as for its immense history, ancient dynasties, and empires.

The cultivation of the rose takes root in this picturesque valley, tracing its origins back to the arrival of this fragrant flower from Damascus, Syria.  This is why this valley is regarded as a must-see attraction in Morocco. Its strategic location between the High Atlas and Anti-Atlas mountain ranges provides spectacular panoramas as well as a distinct climate that supports rich rose gardens.

Rose Plants in Valley of Roses in Morocco

Economically, the valley is important in maintaining local communities through rose cultivation, providing jobs for families involved in the harvesting, distillation, and production of various rose-derived goods.  The valley’s beauty and economic importance make it an attractive destination, drawing visitors with its fragrant appeal and ancient history. This is why we wanted our next trip would be throughout this valley, and we hope you will join us to explore the wonders of the valley. Okay, let’s go over each topic and figure out the beauty of the Rose Valley.

History of the Valley of Roses in Morocco

No one knows for sure how roses came to this area, but according to village legends, it is said that the roses were brought here by a Berber trader from Damascus, Syria centuries ago. Since then, the region embraced rose cultivation and evolved into a symbol of cultural heritage and economic importance.

Rosa damascena in Valley of roses in Morocco

Over time, these delicate flowers have become a profitable trade and the valley has become a center for roses as floral traditions and techniques were passed down from generation to generation.

Later, because of the intense smell characteristic of Rosa damascena, which grows here, it started to be used for perfumes. Along with that, distilleries were established here by the French in the 1930s to distill rose water. Since then, it started producing rose water spirit which has commercial value in the cosmetic market and today it produces many other products like soaps, gels, creams, sprays, and oils as well as dried rose buds. Today this business has adapted to the point where you can buy these products from their website.

Importance and uses of roses of Valley of Roses in Morocco

Perfume and beauty products are one of the most expensive and demanding businesses in the world. For that, the contribution of the Rose Valley of Morocco plays a very important role. The long-lasting fragrance of these roses has strongly affected this and the oil produced by these roses in the market has a value is about 12000 Euros per liter. Generally, between 3000 and 5000 tonnes of rose are produced during the growing season, and from that production, 1 liter of rose oil is produced from 4 or 5 tonnes. If it is considered as pills, it is about 1.5 million pills.

From the distant past to today, the best buyers of these products are the famous perfume and beauty manufacturers of France. Those companies also run refineries and warehouses in Valley of Roses in Morocco to ensure that they get the required amount of oil for their products due to intense competition and demand.

Two women Harvesting roses in Valley of Roses in Morocco

The women living in the valley collect roses as a way of life and sell them in the market, provide stickers, covers, etc. for the products and they have adjusted their way of life. With the beginning of the rose season of the year, they start collecting roses every day at 5 am and spend 6 or more hours around 11 am. It is extremely important to pick the flowers before the petals dry up in the sun. They are then dried and sold in the market. Thus one person collects around 6 kg of flowers and they earn about 7 dollars a day. These hand-picked rose oils are used to produce world-class perfumes, beauty creams, shampoo, facewash, soaps, drinks, and many pharmaceutical products.

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Cultural Significance         

The rose festival is a major celebration of the Morocco Valley of Roses. Kelaat M’Gouna turns into a festival zone for 3 to 7 days from the 1st of May every year after the rose harvest ends. And because of the spring season, the surrounding environment is very beautiful and the foliage shines in green.

And the area is crowded with roses which is a special sight of this time. The Rose Festival is one of the most famous eye-catching events in Morocco and It attracts thousands of tourists and perfume buyers from all over the world.

Rose Vallley Festival in Morocco

The festival is a cultural celebration with traditional Berber music, food, and dance, with the participation of local villagers. The festival is accompanied by an exhibition of local handicrafts and a street parade with a colorful bride beautified with roses and the famous Berber dance tradition of male drummers and female dancers. Therefore, the best time to visit is the end of April and the beginning of May. It is worth checking the festival dates in advance to avoid missing the festival.

Activities and things to do in Valley of Roses in Morocco

kasbah historical village- Things to do in Valley of Roses in Morocco
kasbah historical village
  • Explore the Rose Fields: One of the best things to do in the valley is to walk through the sprawling rose fields of the area. The air of the area filled with the delicious fragrance of damask roses and can be seen the brilliant rose blooms stretch for miles. It makes a stunning panorama that is especially beautiful during the flowering season, which lasts from April to May.
  • Explore surrounding Kasbahs and villages. These old fortifications and communities have exquisite architecture and provide insights into Morocco’s rich cultural history and traditional way of life.
  • Hike a hike in the Atlas Mountains that encircle the valley. Trails take you to spectacular landscapes, from panoramic vistas to tranquil valleys and gorges.
  • Participate in the Rose Harvest: A time-honored ritual, the yearly rose harvest. Join local farmers in handpicking beautiful roses at dawn, when their aroma is at its peak, and gain insight into this time-consuming process.
Two women in rose festival in Morocco
  • Attend the Rose Festival: Pick a time for your visit to coincide with the May Rose Festival in Morocco Valley of Roses. Colorful parades, loud music, and traditional dances are part of the festivities, which celebrate the rose harvest with dazzling cultural exhibits.
  • Visit Rose Cooperatives: Look into cooperatives that convert roses into diverse goods. Witness the distillation of rose water and essential oils and learn about the skills needed to produce these aromatic commodities.
  • Engage in Local Experiences: Engage in immersive experiences offered by cooperatives. Participate in workshops or demonstrations to understand the cultural significance and traditional methods of utilizing roses.
  • Photography Opportunities: Capture the valley’s beauty and charm through photography. From the vivid colors of the rose fields to panoramic mountain views, every angle offers an opportunity for stunning photographs.
  • Traditional food: Savor the distinct flavors of Moroccan food flavored with flowers. Taste dishes with rose water and petals, which give a gentle floral flavor to exquisite local fare.
  • Shop for Rose Products: Delight in shopping at local markets teeming with authentic rose-based products. From aromatic perfumes to handmade soaps and skincare items, the offerings showcase the valley’s rich floral heritage.
Rose Product shop
  • Enjoy Sunset Vistas: From lofty vantage points, enjoy breathtaking sunset vistas. The setting sun spreads a golden glow over the valley, producing a peaceful and appealing scene.
  • Learn About Rose Growing: Visit information centers to learn about the history and practices of rose growing. Learn about the cultural significance of rose cultivation in the region and its evolution.
  • Relaxation and Spa Treatments: Rejuvenate your senses with spa treatments incorporating rose-infused therapies. Indulge in massages or baths enriched with the essence of roses for a calming and aromatic experience.

Best Time to visit Valley of Roses in Morocco

Roses valley in Morocco

The best time to visit the Valley of Roses in Morocco is between April to end of March every year. During this time, the valley will be full of roses and the Rose Festival will also be witnessed. And we don’t recommend you visit here during Ramadan season because Morocco is a very religious country and many restaurants and shops are closed during this time, which will make your visit uncomfortable.


The Rose Valley is recognized worldwide as the essence of Moroccan culture, intertwining tradition, and natural wonder. Its aromatic gardens and the deep cultural and economic importance associated with them fascinate thousands of visitors from all over the world. Add the Valley of Roses in Morocco to your bucket list to explore the valley which is home to the extraction of rose oil, the base for world-class products.


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