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ATVs in Costa Rica: A Compressive Guide

Joining an expedition through Costa Rica’s beautiful wonderland is an experience unlike any other. With its lush jungles, volcanic terrain, and lovely beaches, this Central American jewel has become a hotspot in adventure tourism. Among the numerous adventure sports available around the country, ATV riding is one of the most popular and fun. In this post, we will look at ATVs in Costa Rica that may quench your appetite for adventure while exploring the intriguing surroundings.

ATVs In Costa Rica: What You Should Expect

Riding ATVs In Costa Rica

Costa Rica’s topography and tropical environment can provide a unique experience for ATV enthusiasts. Riders passing through the lush savannah encounter rivers, waterfalls, and muddy trails that add extra excitement to the adventure.

The terrain of Costa Rica is very supportive for ATV beginners and the adventure can be found according to the rider’s experience and preferences. There are many options suitable for children and adults who are interested in ATV. However, wearing safety features such as helmets, goggles, and protective clothing is essential to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

Top ATVs Spots In Costa Rica

  • Manuel Antonio National Park

Manuel Antonio National Park offers a delightful mix of exotic wildlife and scenic trails for ATV riding. You will have the opportunity to see howler monkeys, sloths, and many species of birds as you travel through dense rainforests and sparkling rivers. The trip also includes a short swim at the waterfalls in the park, followed by a beach ATV ride on the magnificent beaches of the park.

  • Arenal Volcano National Park

Arenal Volcano National Park is home to many activities such as hiking, hot springs, and kayaking. The rough trails in the park are also suitable for riding ATVs for an adventurous experience. During this trail exploration, you will be able to enjoy breathtaking views of the Arenal Volcano while going through ancient lava fields. In the middle of the adventure, you will have the opportunity to take a refreshing dip in the hot springs and you will be able to see wild animals like sloths, monkeys, and exotic birds.

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  • Guanacaste Province
ATVs In Costa Rica

There are many things to do in Guanacaste, Costa Rica, and one of the most popular is ATV. The golden-sand beaches of Tamarindo and Cocoa are popular destinations for this, and various ATV paths connect the beach to Santa Rosa National Park. So, you have the option to ride ATVs in Santa Rosa National Park and then visit Flamingo Beach or Conchal Beach.

  • Dominical Beach

To enjoy riding an ATVs in Costa Rica through a typical Costa Rican village and farms, you should join a tour starting in Dominical Beach. This trip takes tourists to San Luis Falls, one of the highest waterfalls in Costa Rica, and then through the coffee fields to the small mountain village. Thus, you will be able to see Authentic Costa Rica while traveling on an ATV. if you have children of at least 16 years of age with you, they will be allowed to ride an ATV on this trip.

Safety First: Tips For ATV Riding In Costa Rica

ATVs In Costa Rica With safety
  1. Following the safety guidelines provided by the rental company can help you stay out of trouble while riding an ATV in Costa Rica. They have designed these guidelines to keep you safe and minimize the risks associated with ATV riding. Be sure to consider speed limits, designated roads, and road signs. Always follow these regulations to avoid accidents and respect Costa Rica’s natural environment.
  2. Constant vigilance is essential to riding an ATV and always keep both hands on the handlebars and be ready to react quickly to any obstacles or changes in terrain. Maintain a safe distance from other drivers and vehicles on the road and be aware of potential hazards such as pedestrians, wildlife potholes, or slippery surfaces.
  3. Wearing appropriate safety gear assures your safety throughout any adventure activity. In addition to a helmet, wear goggles to protect your eyes from debris, dust, and insects. Wearing gloves, long sleeves, trousers, and sturdy shoes will help you avoid scrapes, wounds, and bug bites.
  4. Maintaining proper riding technique is essential for a safe ATV experience. Always keep your feet on the footrests and avoid dragging them on the ground. Remember to distribute your weight evenly and lean forward or backward when necessary to adapt to the changing terrains. Avoid unnecessary sudden movements, and maintain a controlled speed that suits the trail conditions.

ATV Adventures For Families In Costa Rica

ATV Adventures For Families In Costa Rica

ATVs in Costa Rica provide the perfect setting for adventure-seeking families. The combination of lush rainforests, towering volcanoes, and stunning beaches is perfect for exciting family outings. With the opportunity for young children to participate in this adventure with adults and for children above 16 years of age to participate in this adventure with riding alone, the best opportunities are provided to make the family fun trip worthwhile.

ATV Rental Tips And Tricks

  1. Reputable Companies: Choose rental companies with positive reviews and a commitment to safety.
  2. Understanding Agreements: Before hitting the trails, thoroughly understand rental agreements, including insurance coverage and liability.


Exploring Costa Rica on an ATV is more than just a ride; It is an adventure that plunges into the heart of nature. From choosing the right ATV to practicing responsible riding, every aspect contributes to a satisfying experience. Enthusiasts who like to ride ATVs in Costa Rica have the opportunity to become part of a growing community that values both adventure and conservation, as the countrywide tourism industry continues to embrace this form of adventure riding.


  1. Are ATVs easily available for rent in Costa Rica?

Yes, numerous rental companies across Costa Rica provide ATVs for tourists to enjoy.

  1. Do I need previous ATV riding experience to explore these places?

While previous experience is beneficial, many guided ATV tours cater to beginners, providing proper instructions and support.

  1. What should I wear for an ATV adventure in Costa Rica?

It is recommended to wear comfortable clothing and closed-toe shoes, as well as bring sunscreen, insect repellent, and a helmet.

  1. Can I ride an ATV through Costa Rica’s national parks?

Depending on the park, specific trails may be designated for ATV riding. Always check with the local authorities before planning your ride.

  1. Is it safe to ride ATVs in Costa Rica?

As long as you adhere to safety precautions, follow the instructions of the rental companies or tour guides, and ride responsibly, ATV riding in Costa Rica can be a safe and exhilarating experience.


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